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Meet Monty

Photo of Monty Running

Monty is 4 years old. That’s 23 in people years! He became a member of the Montgomery family when they got him as a puppy. Being a very friendly dog with lots of energy, Monty loves to take Mr. Montgomery for walks. And he loves to visit the park to run & play with the other dogs, and to take an occasional swim.

Photo of MontyChewing old shoes and rawhide bones is one of Monty’s favorite pastimes. Plus, Monty is always ready to play fetch with sticks and catch with tennis balls. And while he does bury his bones, Monty always keeps his money in the bank.

Monty made his television debut in March with Mr. Montgomery in ads promoting the bank’s new Montgomery eBlue checking product.

Monty loves kids and is very excited about the Montgomery Bank Kid’s Club and all the fun learning tools you’ll find on the Kid’s Club Web site.