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Save time and money.

Income and Liquidity

Daily sweep investment accounts at Montgomery Bank allows you to earn competitive interest while maintaining access to your funds. Because the sweep occurs daily after the final posting on your transaction accounts, you can rest assured that all excess available funds are invested. Additionally the sweep is automatic; you are not required to manually monitor your balances and make transfers early in the business day or make transfers on a limited basis. You spend less time managing your idle funds and more time acquiring new business.

Expense and Debt Reduction

With our auto borrow and pay down service, you have the ability to maximize your excess cash by decreasing interest expense and reducing debt. After the final posting on your transaction accounts, our system will automatically sweep funds to pay down or borrow from the loan as needed. Transfers are automatic, eliminating the need for you to request loan disbursements or make payments.

Cash Concentration

Zero Balance Accounts automatically consolidate your funds into a master account and disburse funds to subsidiary accounts as needed. Pooling cash allows you to more effectively fund those accounts with inconsistent deposits or to take advantage of investment opportunities. Cash concentration increases efficiencies and reduces expenses.

For more information or to open an account, please call 1-800-455-2275 or stop by our nearest Montgomery Bank. Contact us for customer service on your existing account.

Investment and Insurance Products are:

  • Not a deposit
  • Not FDIC Insured
  • Not insured by any governmental agency
  • May lose value
  • Not guaranteed by the bank