You must have an open and active Montgomery Bank debit card, checking account and savings account to be eligible for the Change Saver™ (“program”).


A customer may enroll/unenroll in Change Saver™ at any branch location or over the phone. Participation in the program is at the account level, which means that all qualifying debit card purchases posting to the enrolled checking account will be part of the program. You cannot enroll or remove individual debit cards associated with your checking account. If you enroll and later receive a new debit card due to your card being lost, stolen or reissued, your participation in the program will continue.


Following the customer’s enrollment in Change Saver™, each qualifying purchase made by the customer(s) with their Montgomery Bank debit card will be rounded up to the nearest whole U.S. dollar. The round up amount will then be transferred from the customer’s enrolled checking account to the customer’s savings account. The checking transfer description will be referred to as “Change Saver Transfer”.  The savings transfer description will be referred to as “Change Saver Deposit”.


Montgomery Bank will aggregate the round-up from each qualifying purchase that posts to your checking account each day and make a single transfer to the savings account the following business day. Transfers will only take place if there are available funds in a customer’s checking account during the round up calculation process. If a transfer is cancelled on a certain day because the funds are not available, program transfers will resume on the next business day funds are available in the customer’s checking account. The cancelled transfer will not be made up.


Any Point-of-Sale debit card purchase transaction, including purchases using a Personal Identification Number (PIN) or Signature/Credit purchase made using your Montgomery Bank debit card.


Any cash withdrawal from an ATM or over-the-counter cash withdrawal; bill payment transaction; any online banking transaction;  ACH, check or draft transaction; and electronic cash application transaction.


  • A round-up calculation will not be made if a qualifying transaction consists of a whole dollar amounts, e.g., $5.00.
  • If a qualifying purchase is later cancelled or reversed for any reason (including disputes), the corresponding program transfer will not be reversed.
  • HSA and business accounts cannot be enrolled in the Change Saver™.


Enrolled Montgomery Bank debit cards, checking accounts and savings accounts will remain subject to all existing requirements, limitations, terms and conditions, and miscellaneous fee schedules for each account type. Montgomery Bank reserves the right to cancel or modify the Change Saver™ program, or terminate the customer’s eligibility, at any time with or without prior notice. Upon enrollment, Montgomery Bank will round-up any qualifying debit card purchases to the nearest dollar that are made from my checking account and deposit the round-up amount into my savings account until such enrollment is revoked or terminated.


Change Saver™ – TERMS & CONDITIONS

Effective 06/21/2021