Mortgages may seem overwhelming and confusing to a potential homebuyer, especially if you are a first-time shopper and have not yet been through the process of getting a home loan.

To break it down quite simply, a mortgage is a loan used to finance a piece of property. It typically begins with a down payment from the borrower (between 3 and 20 percent) and is paid back over time, with varying loan terms between 15 and 30 years.

Mortgages are intended to make home buying as attainable as possible. In fact, a mortgage payment in many cases can be more affordable than a rent payment!

But, how much can you actually afford? This is a great question to ask, and an important one when considering which houses are even within your price range as you shop. The amount that you qualify for is based on a number of different variables, including salary, debt-to-income ratio, current rates, the down payment you have available, and the overall amount that you find comfortable to borrow.

We can help you crunch the numbers, see where you stand and help you determine the size of mortgage that you can afford. This will greatly help you in your home buying process as you understand what a realistic amount is for your specific situation.

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