Friendly Employees

Smiles . . . Welcoming you by name . . . Thanking you for your business . . . Having a commitment to excellence in the service we deliver.  These are some of the things you’ll experience as you walk into our branches or talk with us on the phone. 


From the earliest days, our founder, Joel A. Montgomery, Sr. lived by the principles to:

  • Treat everyone as you would like to be treated
  • Give everyone the same level of service
  • This is, was, and always will be a people business.
  • Never forget to say, “Thank You.”


Because of his direction, that is how we continue to operate Montgomery Bank today.


Michelle, Debbie, Dan, Don, Sarah, Brenda, Robyn, Emiley, Jennifer, Kent, Kelly and a host of other friendly employees are ready to welcome you to Montgomery Bank and provide you with the products and services you expect . . . with a smile. 


Our slogan is “Easier and Friendlier Financial Solutions.” 


That’s who we are. 


That’s what we do. 


That’s how we do it.


Stop by and experience the difference “easier and friendlier” makes . . .   Let us put a smile on your face.