Helping You Move Your Business Forward

Our dedicated commercial team wants to assist you with your business goals. With a simplified application and quick approval process, you’ll spend less time securing funding and more time running your business. Choose from a variety of financing options at fixed or variable rates to meet your individual needs.

Small Business (Helping You Move Your Business Forward)

Commercial Loans

Term Loans

Borrow a lump sum and pay it back on a fixed timetable.

Real Estate Loans

Secure a building for an office, shop, or workspace.

Vehicle & Equipment Loans

Get funding for the vehicles or heavy equipment you need.

Lines of Credit

Open a line of credit to use as needed over time.

Construction Financing

Developing a commercial real estate project can be a big endeavor. But don’t worry—our lending experts have the experience to help you navigate the commercial construction lending process with ease. We’ll get you to the right loan for your project. We offer financing for land acquisition, new construction, and permanent financing.

Church Financing

Church Growth and expansion is an exciting time. Whether you are improving the facility you are in, adding to it, or building to reach a new community, we offer a variety of church financing plans to address your needs. Our experienced lenders are eager to speak with you about your project and walk with you through its completion.


Let our experience work for you. For over 45 years, we have helped meet the banking needs of agricultural operations ranging from small farmers to large agribusiness. We know your concerns whether its maximizing crop production, planning expansion, taking advantage of market opportunities, handling environmental conditions or preparing for the future.

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