One of our main goals is to help you keep your personal and banking information as safe and secure as possible. As such, when we see an area of concern we aggressively work to do what we can to protect our customers and their accounts.

Our fraud representatives have informed us of the most recent type of attack targeting contactless wallets such as Apple Pay and Google Play.  The fraudster will set up an account without an individual knowing by obtaining their information from the dark web and using this to make purchases and eventually take over the owner’s account.

In an attempt to get ahead of this, we will be restricting most contactless purchases for a short time as we wait to receive more information on this fraud.  While we know this can be a bit of an inconvenience, we believe it is far more advantageous to keep our accountholders safe at this time.  We will keep our accountholders informed on these restrictions and appreciate your patience as we work toward ways safeguard your information and mitigate loss for both our customers and the bank.

If you should have any questions at any time, you can contact our Customer Service Center at 800-455-2275 or or visit our ID Protection page on our website.  You can also follow our social media pages for updates.


ID Protection and Consumer Alerts – Montgomery Bank